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  2. Create a Live Shopping Stream (Computer)

Step 1 | Connect your Shopify Store to your Stage TEN account

Connecting your Shopify Store lets you sell products right on screen during your live stream

Step 1: Begin by clicking the Shopping Cart icon


Step 2: Click Get Started


Step 3: Add your Store Name and click Connect


    Step 4: Accept Shopify Permissions to "Add sales channel" and "Approve Subscription" 

    a. "Add sales channel" adds the Stage TEN sales channel to your Shopify store, which enables you to create a live shopping stream.

    Shopify Connect

    b. "Approve" lets Stage TEN charge a 5% commission on sales made through Stage TEN.

    Shopify Connect 2

    Step 5: Make your products available on Shopify

    a. When you connect Shopify for the first time, you'll see this message which indicates you need to make your products available (see steps below).


    b. Open your Shopify store and click on products. Then click on a product you would like in your Stage TEN Studio

    c. Look for the 'Publishing' section within the product page, click 'Manage' then click 'Manage sales channels'.

    d. Check the box beside 'Stage TEN' to make the product appear in your studio, and check the box beside 'Shop' if you would like this product to also appear in the Shop App. Then click 'Done'

    Step 6: Ensure you do not have any sales active on Shopify

    If you have any discounts active on your Shopify account, disable them as they may conflict with the commerce process on the Stage TEN Interactive player and cause errors at checkout. If you want to apply any discounts to your products use the discounts built into the Stage TEN Pro Studio.

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