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Updated Commerce Cart

Sell multiple products simultaneously

With an update to the iOS Mobile Studio, there are several new and useful functions that can be integrated into your commerce show. New components include the ability to sell multiple products simultaneously and configure which products you would like to sell at one time. See below for how to make use of these new functions.

Multi-Product Sale

To exchange multiple products at once, you firstly need to select all desired products from your Shopify store and integrate them into your commerce show. It should be noted that when making your multi-product promotion, discounts will not be added to each individual product but will be deducted from the gross amount in the Commerce Cart.

Following this, your multi-product promotions will appear on the app following a push of the commerce button.


Your promoted products will then be available for viewers to purchase on your stream. 

From there your viewers will be able to select the desired quantity of each product chosen in the updated Commerce Cart.

Finally, all your customers are left to do is double-check their cart and input their shipping and payment information.