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Connect a Camera Feed for Your Broadcast

We make multistream and live video commerce easy. Choose your best camera source. Tips to set up a camera feed for your broadcast

You can connect many different types of cameras in Stage TEN to enhance the production quality of your show. The most commonly used camera types are:


Webcams can already be a part of your computer or be an external source. Consumer webcams connect directly to your computer via USB and are recognized once plugged in.

Mobile Devices

You can use your phone as a participant feed. iOS devices connect through the Stage TEN Connect app. Android devices connect through the latest version of the Google Chrome Mobile Browser.


You can use DSLRs and other high end cameras to create a pro show! All you need is an encoder, so your computer recognizes the camera as a webcam.

Our recommendation for a pro-cam encoder is :

To set up your camera feed for your broadcast:

1. Select the camera you want.

When you open the STAGE TEN Pro Studio using the ‘Camera & Microphone’ login option, you’ll start with a local feed that uses your default camera.

2. Changing your camera: To change your camera, you may choose between the following two options:

A. Edit local cam, Choose the settings wheel next to your local feed and then change the video source.


B. Add local cam, You can add a new (or additional) local cam by selecting the 'ADD OR INVITE FEEDS' Button -> ADD LOCAL CAM to select your preferred cam and mic.