Chat Moderation on the Stage TEN Interactive Player

How to ban users or delete live comments during a stream

Moderator Log-in

Log-in as a moderator by clicking the three dots in the top left of the live chat, then selecting Moderator sign-in. Then use the log-in credentials of the Stage TEN account that is live to log in as a moderator.

You must be logged in as a moderator to do the following actions.

Banning Users

1. Find the unwanted user in the live chat and hover over their name to reveal three dots. Click the three dots and select Ban User.

2. To unban a user, select the ‘Banned users’ menu item, the moderator can see the list of users they have banned. They can choose to unban those previously banned users for new broadcasts.

Deleting Comments

Moderators can delete unwanted comments from the Livestream while Live or after it's uploaded as a VOD. To do this, find the unwanted comment and hover over it to reveal three dots. Click the three dots and select Delete Message. This cannot be undone.

Moderator Name

Using the ‘Change name’ menu item, the moderator can set their name to whatever makes sense for the broadcast. When they chat, viewers will see a blue checkmark icon appear next to their name.

Keywords in the Not-Allowed Filter

By default, the Stage TEN player includes a list of 734 banned words. They include curse words, ethnophaulisms, and other negative words, as well as common misspellings. When a viewer attempts to use one of the words, the word is replaced with asterisks.