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Optimizing Resolution, Frame Rates, and Participant Feeds

Adjust your resolution, frame rate and feed through these simple steps

The below settings can be very useful in optimizing your stream in the event that your computer, internet connection, or other technical settings are resulting in unsatisfactory performance from your broadcast.

Accessing broadcast resolution, frame rate, and other optimization settings

1. Click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen -> 'SETTINGS'

2. By default, standard layout settings will appear, but there will be a tab near the top and center of the screen with an option to select Advanced.


3. From this menu, you can choose the following settings:

      • Broadcast Resolution - 720p or 1080p. (Select 720p for better performance, 1080p for better picture quality. 1080p is only available to users with a Starter, Creator or business plan Click here to upgrade
      • Broadcast Frame Rate - 30 FPS or 60 FPS. (30 FPS is recommended for most streams. 60 FPS can be used for high frame rate sources and fast motion video, and if you have sufficient system and connection resources to maintain 60 FPS)
      • Optimize Participant Feeds - On or Off. (Improves performance and saves bandwidth by automatically downscaling remote participants when possible. If this option is turned off, remote participants will be sent at the maximum resolution at all times. This setting is recommended for more complex shows with multiple remote participants.)