Adding Overlays In The Stage TEN Mobile Studio (iOS)

You can add Text, Images, Videos and Product Overlays to your broadcast in the iOS Mobile Studio

Add Text to your Stream

1. Tap the Media button at the bottom of the screen then tap "Text"

2. You can add up to 40 characters on up to 3 lines of text. When your happy with your entered text tap 'Save'.

3. When your ready to display your text on stream, tap 'Display'Text iOS 4

4. To remove the text, tap 'Media' then 'Text' and tap 'Hide'

Add an Image to your Stream 

1. To add an Image tap 'Media' then 'Image'

iOS Image 1

2.  Tap 'Add an image' or if the image you want to display has already been added, tap it. 

3. To remove an image, tap it again. 

4. To remove an image from the available images tap the X at the top right of the image you want to remove. 

Add a video to your stream 

1. To add an Video tap 'Media' then 'Video'

2. Tap 'Add a video' or if the video you want to display has already been added, tap it and it will begin playing fullscreen. Swipe down or tap 'Back' to close this menu.

3. At the end of your video, it will stop playing and your camera will return. You can end the video early by pressing the X next to the countdown.

Display a Product Overlay on your Stream

Displaying your product is different than displaying an image, video, or text. Stage TEN pulls information about your product from Shopify and displays it. If you have not connected your Shopify Store yet, click here to learn how.

1. Tap the Media button

2. Tap Product

3. Chose what will display with the toggles and then tap the product you want to display

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