1080p Stream Resolution

How to make your stream crystal clear

An updated feature for those with Creator Plans or above is the new availability of 1080p stream resolution. If this applies to you, simply follow the below steps to integrate a better broadcasting quality. 

Path to 1080p

In the Stage TEN Studio, the default setting for resolution is always 720p. To go beyond, look to the Live Monitor in the Studio and click the indicator underneath. Alternatively, go to Manage Settings>Settings>Advanced.

Afterwards, toggle your resolution as shown below:

Below the Live Monitor, you should see your 1080p indicator:

Your Stage TEN streams will automatically record in 1080p. To access your recordings, click on the gear/cog icon in the top right corner of the Stage TEN Studio. Next, click on RECORDINGS. Then click on the thumbnail for the recording of the stream you would like to download. Then click the three dots in the bottom right of the popped out player. And click Download. The stream will be downloaded in 1080p quality.


NOTE: 1080p broadcasting may require higher system and internet requirements