We stand in solidarity with the Asian community as they grapple with the fear and sadness of the rising tide of Asian hate and racism in North America and around the world. The recent heinous murders in Atlanta were horrific. If we don’t speak out, we’re destined to repeat history. The smallest racist actions spread like a virus and lead to the greatest crimes against humanity. As Canadians we must acknowledge our most shameful moments, including the internment of tens of thousands of innocent Japanese Canadians in the nineteen forties. Racism in Canada is real, systemic and must be combatted on all fronts. 
Sending love to all those on our team and their families who deal with racism every day, and throughout their whole lives. We stand with you! In terms of concrete immediate actions, we will be offering additional support services to our team members, and working with a Diversity and Inclusion professional to ensure we’re doing everything to provide a safe and supportive working environment at Stage TEN. We will also take action by offering the Stage TEN software for free to groups standing united against anti-Asian racism, as we have previously done for groups against anti-Black hate.


Dave Lazar, CEO

Here's how you can report anti-Asian hate crimes in Canada: