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Broaden your reach and convert sales by tapping into fresh audiences through enhanced content discovery tools available via the SHOP app. Allow advanced AI and the influence of 100M buyers to curate and notify a pool of potential customers for your show, or take advantage of prominent placement in the soon-to-launch live content channel on the app's homepage.

Shoppable VOD

Extend the impact of your live content by repurposing it to continue generating sales even after your live event concludes. All your shows can be recorded and showcased on your SHOP storefront, enabling customers to watch at their convenience while keeping your sales and offers intact.

Affiliate Live Selling

Camera-shy? Unleash the potential of influencers and affiliates to champion your products through live interactive sessions, establishing direct rapport with your audience. Through the amalgamation of affiliates' credibility and outreach with the magnetic allure of live video, your brand can seamlessly access an immensely potent pathway for bolstering sales, broadening your customer network, and elevating brand loyalty. Our collaboration with Shopify Collabs grants you effortless entry to a roster of adept talent ready to amplify your brand's narrative!

“Stage TEN has created a process that works. If you are on the edge and you’re trying to decide where you want to go, I’d say try it. You’d be surprised by how easy it is.”  


Angela Hawkins, Founder of Bamblu

 "The first time we went live, it increased our sales by about 50% - we were like 'omg this is gonna be huge!'"  


Ryan Johnston, Co-founder of Sea Gods

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