TORONTO (September 2020)

YouTube and Stage TEN partner to deliver interactive video capabilities to the world’s most popular creators.


YouTube and Stage TEN announced a partnership that provides thousands of the most popular creators on YouTube with Stage TEN’s best in class livestreaming and interactive video platform. 

With over 160,000 creators supported, Stage TEN is powering the future of remote broadcast, livestreaming, and interactive video. Brands, celebrities, influencers, non-profit organizations, events, record labels, studios, networks and production companies have adopted the platform as the leading remote production technology solution, as collaborative livestreams become standard. Stage TEN’s web-based studio acts as a virtual control room and gives creators turnkey tools to produce broadcast-quality results from home. 

“The past few months have been a time of profound growth for our company. We have always known the widespread adoption of livestreaming, remote broadcast and interactive video was inevitable, but that has been accelerated by years during this time,” said Dave Lazar, founder and CEO of Stage TEN. “We’re proud to partner with YouTube to offer our platform and expertise in interactive video to their most prolific and popular creators.”

Stage TEN is a talent-friendly platform with popular features such as a virtual backstage area to allow a director to give cues to on-screen talent and communicate with off-screen teams, a flexible and easy-to-use interface to bring in multiple video and audio feeds, multi-streaming ability to 32 platforms and channels, drag-and-drop graphics and overlays, 1080p output, and customizable interaction tools, including voting, and live commerce that can be activated in real-time during a broadcast. 

Stage TEN has produced and powered major livestreams, virtual events, digital shows and remote broadcasts, including an ongoing partnership with Atlantic Records and YouTube Music. Most recently, this resulted in the production of Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s livestream taking place immediately before their “WAP” music video premiere. In addition, John Krasinski hosted and directed his own show on Stage TEN for SGN Prom. Stage TEN also collaborated with MrBeast and YouTube Originals for the record-breaking “Creator Games”, which raised more than $7 million dollars for COVID-19 relief and reached more than 662,000 live viewers during the virtual celebrity rock-paper-scissors tournament. 

Upcoming in September, Goop will host their first fully digital summit on Stage TEN. They are also powering their weekly virtual workshops, sessions and conversations via Stage TEN. In addition, Stage TEN partnered with VidCon over the last four months to help produce their tentpole video series. Additional brands, nonprofits and media entities collaborating with Stage TEN include Amnesty International, Impossible Foods, McClatchy, and Playstation.

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